What is Cultural Marxism?

Historically there has existed a steady conflict between White Aryans and the Semitic peoples, this conflict in fact goes back millennia, and has taken many forms. From wars to subversion, the Semitic peoples have a long history of pursuing the interests of their people utilizing very unethical methods, particularly relying on cleaver tactics of deception, espionage, infiltration, and pitting their enemies against each other while playing both sides of the conflicts they create. These deceptive tactics are codified in their religious texts, and they are raised from childhood within the synagogues to master and employ these tactics in their everyday lives against non-Jews as well as supporting movements to employ deception on a mass scale. The most recent manifestation of this ancient criminal practice was the development of Communism by Jewish political theorist Karl Marx. Marxist theory sought to create class conflict between the “proletariat” (lower classes) and the “bourgeoise” (upper classes) within the traditional power structures of Western civilization.

Communism went on to claim the lives of roughly one hundred million people during the 20th century through war, famine, and genocide. Communism has by far been the most destructive political ideology in contemporary history. It took root in Russia with the Bolsheviks revolution, which was instigated primarily by Jewish radicals. In 2013 Russian president Vladimir Putin admitted that while Jews only accounted for less than 5 percent of the Russian population, “the first Soviet government was 80-85 percent Jewish”. From Russia, Communism spread to over half of the world, weaponizing the resentment of the lower classes against the naturally occurring hierarchies of civilization, and once these hierarchies were destroyed the results were always disastrous. The Nations that were duped into accepting these Communist revolutions would always implode and their nation’s economies would collapse due to the naïve idealism of human equality. Communism claims to strive to achieve the utopian dream of absolute equality amongst men, an equal share of the economy, equal property, and equal “rights”, but this ideal is dependent on the false notion that all men are in fact equal.

Nothing in nature is equal, a man is not even equal to himself from day to day, hence these Communist revolutions would inevitably descended into oppression, barbarity, and economic collapse due to the fact that people of exceptional ability were not given incentive to create and produce, while lesser men of inferior intelligence, character, and strength of will were given much more than they deserved. The only people who prospered were members of the Communist regime, they would hypocritically treat themselves to luxury while expecting their poor citizens to live in squalor after seizing all land and forcing their citizen-slaves to be part of a nationalized work force, without freedom of choice in occupation. Citizens of a Communist country have no property rights, no parental rights, no freedom of religion or choice, and are essentially property of the state. Marxism seeks to force all men to live a life devoted to the state and the state alone as a cog in the machine. These godless regimes would usually seize power from the traditional hierarchy by instigating class conflict and violent revolution by indoctrinating the lower classes with their ideology and making false promises of the coming communist utopia. The communists were very successful at instigating such class conflict is traditional agrarian societies where the majority of people belonged to the uneducated peasantry and there was a wide divide between the upper class and the lower class.

Yet these communist revolutionaries had a difficult time spreading their ideology of class warfare in educated industrialized capitalist countries in the West, due to the fact that the working class enjoyed such a high standard of living and there existed such a broad middle class. After decades of failures in instigating class warfare in the West, these dedicated Marxist shifted tactics. Members of a school of thought known as the “Frankfurt School” which developed within the “Institute of Social Research” during the Weimar Republic years of Germany previous to the Third Reich. They devised what they call “Critical Theory”, to address the omissions of classical 19th century Marxism in dealing with what they believe to be social “problems” in advanced Western Nations. Realizing the challenges of instigating class conflict in the West, they devised a plan to incite and inflame the hatred of what they claim are “marginalized” minority groups against the conservative White working class, while simultaneously slandering Whites into a guilt complex regarding historic “crimes” committed against these minority groups. They began their work in America after the disastrous second World War against Germany by infiltrating key positions in academia, the media, and government with the goal of manipulating social and governmental policies via social engineering programs.

The implementation of Critical Theory in American society resulted in the development of the “counterculture” revolution of 1960’s pop culture, which spread throughout the multitude of Western nations. The promotion of the Hippie subculture in the media, and the introduction of “political correctness”, “multiculturalism” and “progressive” politics initiated a rapid social decline in the West. The Baby Boomer generation was subjected to widespread media and academic indoctrination toward these “Cultural-Marxist” ideas, which resulted in their rejection of traditional morals and sexual norms. They began experimenting with and normalizing what they called “alternative lifestyles”, a euphemism for sexual promiscuity and the communal use of dangerous drugs, the results of which were generations of addiction and disease epidemics as well as rampant family disfunction leading to the virtual dissolution of the family unit and family values. Furthermore, policies and programs such as normalization of abortion, contraceptives, and race mixing were put in place, which drastically lowered White birthrate from the historic high of the Baby Boom to catastrophic lows.

On the other side of the equation was the dethronement of White sovereignty in the nations that our forefathers built and the subversion of long held racial quotas concerning immigration policies throughout Europe, North America, and Australia. Coupled with the rapid decline of the White population the undermining of our immigration resulted in an invasion of hostile non-White immigrants. The racial mixture of our nations began to shift away from a White majority, in less than two generations White populations teeter on the brink of being an absolute minority in every traditionally White nation. Likewise, during the 20th century Whites became the world’s minority from a high of around 30 percent of the world population in 1900 to roughly 9 percent by the turn of the second millennium, being surpassed by Sub-Saharan Africans (Blacks) and Mestizos (non-White Hispanics). Most of this decline in our population percentage is due to population explosions within third world countries that now have access to Western medicine, technology and our socio-economic models, though much of it is due to our disastrously low birthrates worldwide. Whereas the decline in our majority status in our own nations is due to low birthrate coupled by unchecked mass immigration from third world countries whose exploding and poverty-stricken populations are spilling over into our lands.

As we are rapidly becoming outnumbered in our own lands by cultures who are indoctrinated by anti-White propaganda to harbor cultural suspicion, resentments, and outright hatred for Whites, we inch ever close to being hopelessly outnumbered by hostile forces. Our children face a future where their chances of survival are increasingly uncertain, thus it is the mission and struggle of the Occidental Templars to combat these hostile forces with direct action, lawfare, advocacy, education, philanthropy, and community outreach. The first step in this struggle is a relentless information and culture war with the goal of deprogramming our own people who have been brainwashed by hostile foreign media. we must also reach out to the other racial/cultural groups being pitted against us by the international criminal elites who subtly and openly call for the end to Whiteness. The more educated humankind is in general as to our plight and the agenda of the international criminal elites, the more likelihood we have of forging alliances that will benefit everyone. We must educate the world on the Jewish problem, and on the benefits of Nationalism verses Globalism, help them to see reason wherever possible with the goal of advocating for peaceful separation of races and groups with conflicting cultural values and interests.

But we must also prepare ourselves and our children for the eventuality that we may face a catastrophic race war in the not so distant future that will determine the fate of our race and the world. The likelihood of avoiding such a war is slim, but the solutions are simple. Widespread rejection of cultural-Marxist propaganda and the voluntary separation of races/cultures into nationalist states is the only way of ending the accelerating conflict that has become commonplace in Western society. The Multicultural experiment has failed; forced integration and mass media indoctrination is not enough to override humankind’s instinctual impulse to prefer the company of their own kind, and the tendency to react with revulsion toward cultural values they find repugnant. Henceforth we must work diplomatically to achieve widespread support for the goal of peaceful separation and repatriation of non-White immigrants back to their lands as the only means to avoid a world war of cataclysmic proportions.