Welcome to the homepage of OMTO (Ordo Milites Templi Occidentis), or the Order of the Western Knights Templar, “Occidental Templars”. The Occidental Templars, is a movement of Third Position White men concerned with what we see as the development of radical anti-White rhetoric that has been normalized throughout Western Civilization. Likewise, we are concerned with the shifting demographics within traditionally White, Western Nations, which we see as due to the deliberate undermining of our immigration and naturalization laws by a rootless international clique of parasitic elites. This undermining of our immigration and naturalization laws has allowed for decades of unchecked mass migrations into our lands and the lands of our forefathers by hostile foreign groups who harbor a cultural resentment and hatred for White people and Western Civilization. Furthermore, we are concerned with what we see as widespread propaganda campaigns designed specifically by hostile foreign infiltrators and parasitic elites to corrode and undermine the foundations of our once proud and healthy society. Via widespread, incremental social engineering programs, these parasitic elites and hostile foreign groups have manipulated and brainwashed a large subset of Western society at large to abandon traditional Western value systems in exchange for a naive utopian idealism, which has led to the glorification of criminality, a collapsing economy, the normalization of all forms of sexual immorality, self-destructive behaviors like drug addictions, perversions of nature like transgenderism, institutionalized divorce rates, and industrial scale abortion, which has all resulted in drastically low birth rates of the native White populations.
The Occidental Templars is not a “hate group,” or “White supremacists”, but rather a civil rights organization to advocate for White people and White interests, in a world that we see as increasingly and unfairly hostile toward Whites and our cherished cultural institutions. We see these false titles often being applied to White groups who dare to organize and engaging in rational criticism as a smear tactic used by the opposition to create a knee jerk reaction in the general public, thus rendering their actual message ineffectual due to the cognitive biases that these words conjure up in the minds of the ignorant masses. The Occidental Templars recognizes institutionalized discrimination toward Whites, which has developed over a period of decades due to a campaign of “cultural Marxism” which promotes the oxymoronic false narratives of “political correctness”. The popularization of this baseless ideology and the myths it has created by hostile media, academia, and bad actors within western governments on both sides of the false “right/left” paradigm, has created a situation where innocent White people and particularly White males, are being increasingly demonized, harassed, and attacked simply for existing.

This institutionalized discrimination has manifest in many forms, in some ways subtle and on other ways blatantly obvious. Whites, and particularly straight White males are treated with a glaring double-standard in western society due to the myths of “politically correct” outrage culture. The straight White male has in fact become the only class within western society that it is not only legal to discriminate against in employment and education, but it is in fact legally mandated in many western countries including the American super-power. Draconian “affirmative action” laws ensure that Whites, and particularly straight White males are denied placement by educators, employers, and even housing based solely on their race and sexual orientation despite qualifications or need. This institutionalized discrimination is based on the unvalidated concepts of “White privilege”, and “systemic racism,” which seeks to place the blame on all White people for any and all disfunction, criminality, poverty, and lower performance within non-white communities, and rejects inconvenient facts such as statistical and scientific data on racial intelligence, crime rates, physiology, etc.

This “politically correct” culture has resulted in innumerous grievances against White people, and is built on a foundation of lies and hypocrisies. Whites are accused of “profiling” non-Whites due to their higher crime/arrest rates, yet prosecutors often refuse to apply aggravated “hate crime” charges to non-Whites who commit heinous racially motivated crimes against Whites. On the other side of this equation Whites are routinely given aggravated “hate crime” charges simply for successfully defending themselves against a non-White attacker. Violent attacks against Whites by non-Whites are likewise under reported, and when reported often the race of the perpetrator is omitted up by the media, while in the rare case a White criminal victimizes non-Whites it becomes a media spectacle used to reinforce the false “politically correct” establishment narrative. These double-standards don’t end with the treatment of crimes, employment, schooling and housing, but have seeped into the social fabric of Western society. Whites get slandered with fake terms like “racist” and “bigot” if they act or believe in ways that are perfectly socially accepted for non-Whites to act or believe. Things like expressing pride or even simply being unashamed of your White ancestry will result in accusations of “racism” by the mindless establishment drones, yet non-Whites are encouraged to express pride in their heritage. Likewise, expressing a factually correct belief in the fundamental differences of the races such as disparities in racial intelligence will get one branded as a “bigot”, yet expressing a belief in the superiority of black athleticism will result in nods of approval. Non-Whites are blessed with their own holidays, their own television channels, and numerous organizations that advocate for their rights, but any move by Whites in this regard is instantly persecuted.

As Occidental Templars we feel that there has been a conspiracy within academia to suppress the truth about White history, as well and promote slanderous claims about our ancestors and their accomplishments, while simultaneously making many false claims regarding the accomplishments of non-Whites This campaign within academia and the media has been underway for some time, and instead of accurate Historical models, we see that a highly sanitized fiction of history is being taught in our schools and by the media, implicating Whites as the great criminals of the world when in fact it was our race which is responsible for most if not all of the greatest advancements that modern civilization enjoys. We see the history of this world for what it really is, that it was Western culture and Western culture alone that brought humankind out of darkness by providing an example for the rest of the world, a way of life that most others imitate, and unsuccessfully in many cases. And in spite of this human civilization threatens to slip back into the darkness from whence it came due to the slander, lies, and corruption plaguing our civilization due to the influences of hostile foreigners.

Those of us who express disagreement with what we see as a false and slanderous narrative against us and our culture, are blindly and relentlessly attacked, literally and figuratively. Advocates of the “counter-culture” and “cancel-culture” have been conditioned through social engineering to behave with emotionally charged, knee jerk reactions toward anything that contradicts their world view rather than engaging in rational debate. Whites who consider themselves conservative, right-wing, alt-right, or third position who offer up rational criticism and alternative explanations for establishment narratives often become targets of censorship, hostile media, government agents, political radicals, and terrorists. Thinkers on our corner of the political spectrum have been warning the general public about these trends and their inevitable outcome for decades, but much of these warning have either fallen on deaf ears due to widespread censorship and media smear campaigns. After Decades of warnings we have begun to witness the results of this campaign against “Whiteness” in the form of reoccurring and escalating race riots, mob violence against Whites, “no-go zones’ for Whites, and our disenfranchisement politically in our own nations. If allowed to continue, we believe these events will most assuredly culminate in anti-White pogroms, civil wars, and White genocide.

It is our mission as Occidental Templars to expose the agenda against us and end the political disenfranchisement of Whites in our own countries, end the censorship of our talking points, end the suppression of our interests as a racial group, end schemes designed to facilitate the destruction of our civilization…end the deliberate assaults on ourselves, or families, our nations, our history, our culture, and our civilization. It is also our goal to promote and gain support for the idea of the voluntary and peaceful separation of racial and cultural groups with opposing views and cultural values, whom have been forced to coexist under the draconian anti-separatism and anti-nationalism agenda of the globalist elites. We oppose globalism and support all forms of nationalism and feel that every race and culture should be allowed the basic human right of freedom of association, that specific cultures/races should have a homeland where they do not have to coexist with neighbors that might be hostile to them or their cultural value, and be a part of a community that shares their morals, values, temperament, goals, religion, or lack there of. This we see as the only true path to end the societal conflict thrust upon us all by the parasitic globalist elites.