Mission Statement

As Men of the West we feel it is our duty to engage in political advocacy toward our interests, the interests of our families, and the interests of our nation. Thus, we must be very clear about what we demand and what outcomes we expect from our efforts as Occidental Templars. To this effect we have designed a 33-point platform that expresses our interests in short form. Point zero is included in this list even though it is less a goal than it is a way of life already accomplished through the founding of our order. The Knight is the ultimate symbol of masculinity, brotherhood, honor, and duty. By accepting your charge as a Templar and taking your solemn vow you have accomplished this goal and are expected to serve as an example for all other Western men.

33-point platform:

  • 0: Advocate to create a monastic community to unify our folk under a single doctrine, Aryanity.
  • 1: Advocate for the right to bear arms and encourage the creation of organized militias.
  • 2: Advocate for a return to traditional value systems within families and society at large.
  • 3: Advocate for the criminalization of pornography and all forms of sexual deviancy.
  • 4: Advocate for programs to help drug addicts renounce the drug culture and lifestyle.
  • 5: Advocate for a White baby boom to reverse our catastrophically low birth rates.
  • 6: Advocate for the total end to all non-White immigration into traditionally white nations.
  • 7: Advocate to abolish the Semitic media monopolies within all nations of the Occident.
  • 8: Advocate for the outlawing of the infiltration of our institutions by hostile foreign groups.
  • 9: Advocate to end slander, libel, and defamation against Whites in social/mass-media.
  • 10: Advocate to end discriminatory practices against Whites in nations founded by Whites.
  • 11: Advocate for the elimination of Cultural-Marxist propaganda in textbooks and courses.
  • 12: Advocate for the arrest of “academics” and authority figures who engage in youth grooming.
  • 13: Advocate for the outlawing of Cultural-Marxist and Zionist propaganda in all public spaces.
  • 14: Advocate for the abolition of anti-White organizations such as the SPLC, ADL, and NAACP.
  • 15: Advocate for the de-weaponization of law and intelligence agencies against White activists.
  • 16: Advocate for an internationally recognized legal definition for the term “White”.
  • 17: Advocate for peaceful balkanization in White diaspora nations, via diplomatic talks.
  • 18: Advocate for repatriation of non-Whites from Europe and Russia regardless of generation.
  • 19: Advocate for white ethno-states within the Occident, which hold to strict racial quotas.
  • 20: Advocate for the creation of an “Occidental Union” of white member ethno-states.
  • 21: Advocate for all forms of nationalism that aren’t opposed to other forms of nationalism.
  • 22: Advocate for historical revisionism concerning false historical paradigms and historical libel.
  • 23: Advocate for the development of sustainable and independent national infrastructures.
  • 24: Advocate for the abolition of usury, profiteering, and other predatory lending practices.
  • 25: Advocate for the creation of business and professional networks within our order.
  • 26: Advocate for the abolition of property, inheritance, excise, and effective taxes on citizens.
  • 27: Advocate for the abolition of common income tax loopholes used by wealthy citizens.
  • 28: Advocate for reform in government spending wherever it appears reform is needed.
  • 29: Advocate for the abolition of the fiat banking system and a return to sound money.
  • 30: Advocate for the abolition of wealth generation through market speculation and interest.
  • 31: Advocate for the abolition of crony-capitalism and bribery via corporate or foreign lobbies.
  • 32: Advocate for the abolition of Globalist/Imperialist kleptocracies such as the UN, EU, and IMF.
  • 33: Advocate to identify uncorrupted bloodlines and reinstall monarchy under our tutelage.

#0: Our “zero goal” as Occidental Templars is to create a platform for the purpose of educating racially aware White Pagans and Christians both, as to the false dichotomy of Aryan religion; to unify our racially aware folk under a single banner so as to give us the solidarity we need to fight this battle for our very survival as a race. We have revived the ancient tradition of knighthood for this purpose and rekindle the masculine spirit of White men who have been demoralizes and emasculated by the relentless anti-White, anti-straight, and anti-male propaganda forced on us by the mainstream media in the West. In so doing, we believe it is possible to revive our sense of higher purpose, as Men of the West, and forge a new brotherhood amongst us. Through the very act of establishing our order we have accomplished this goal of creating this platform to spread the wisdom of Aryanity to our people, hence why it is called the “zero goal”, yet we must continue to seek out worthy men willing to accept their own charge as Men of the West. This brotherhood will foster the solidarity amongst White men that we lack and desperately need if we are to face the challenges that confront us. As Men of the West, we seek to revive the ancient and ageless warriors code in the hearts and minds of Western men, by reviving what we see as the pinnacle of this martial example in Western civilization, the medieval knighthoods. We are not LARPers, though we see value in the methodology of the feudal knighthoods, and the carrying on of this tradition in modern times within the secret societies that have been instrumental in shaping the destiny of nations. We wish to reclaim this aesthetic and wealth of history from the usurpers and infiltrators who have corrupted these societies and utilized networks such as the Freemasons for corrupt purposes.

#1 Our primary goal as Templars is martial in spirit, hence we must advocate for our brethren and Whites as a race to exercise their right to bear arms in any way, they deem necessary for self-protection and the defense of their family, community, nation, and race. The right to bear arms is a fundamental human right granted to us by God and Natural Law, meant to allow men the ability to meet any aggressor on equal footing so that they are not helpless to prevent the victimization of themselves and their loved ones. This right has been illegally revoked by tyrants in many nations within the Occident, and is under regular assault in others, but no law made by man will ever supersede Natural Law or the Law of God. The only way one can lose this right is if they give it up by capitulating to the tyrants who wish to render us helpless, and it cannot be taken for any reason that is not agreed upon first by the citizen. We deem illegitimate any authority that attempts to pass laws which revoke the right to bear arms of its natural born citizens from the founding stock of the nation, and believe that these laws should be disregarded. And Furthermore, we recommend that paramilitaries or militias be formed in any nation where the natural born citizens from the founding stock are being abused or under threat by illegitimate authority and/or any other group. In cases where one faces legal repercussions for exercising their natural and God-given rights, we recommend that any necessary steps be taken to avoid being oppressed further, which might mean operating under a strict code of secrecy so as to protect oneself and one’s brethren from unjust prosecution.

#2 As Templars we must educate the public toward a revival of traditional Western value systems. These value systems served Western Civilizations well for ages by producing order in our society. We feel that these traditional values have been intentionally subverted through propaganda campaigns designed by our enemies to destabilize our society for the purpose of giving them the opportunity to take control of our decaying institutions during this period of instability. We have suffered epidemics of addiction, disease, criminality, unemployment, divorce, and infanticide, which has demoralized our society and catastrophically lowered our birthrate. As Templars we wish to help heal our society through education as to the reasoning and purpose that these traditional value systems were established in the first place. Likewise, we would like to educate our society just why and how these traditional values have been subverted and by whom.

#3 As Templars we must be unwavering in our opposition of all forms of sexual deviancy such as pornography, promiscuity, and prostitution as well as unnatural sexual acts such as homosexuality, transgenderism, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality. We break these forms of sexual deviancy into two categories, 1: forgivable offenses (pornography, promiscuity, prostitution, homosexuality, and transgenderism) and 2: unforgivable offenses (incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality). The religious arguments against sexual deviancy are well known, yet many do not understand the reasons why these acts are taboo in Western religions. One can argue against such acts on rational grounds as well as religious grounds. First, Pornography, which has been largely normalized in the West, leads to sexual addiction and dependency. Pornography addicts lose the ability to have normal sexual relations with potential mates. The constant sexual gratification afforded by a pornography addiction leads to the addict seeking more and more extreme forms of pornography to achieve climax, which in turn leads to the addict seeking extreme sexual partners who are just as unhealthy as they are. Sexual addiction often leads to promiscuity and prostitution, which not only objectify and dehumanize those involved, but the risk of disease and unwanted pregnancy is high leading to the suffering of those who not only commit the act but the potential child as well. Often these sexual addicts are enticed to seek unnatural sexual acts such as homosexuality and transgenderism, which require a radical rewiring of human instinct and a psychologically destructive denialism of the self-evident truth of gender, which exists in the human species for the purpose of procreation. The most extreme sex acts such as incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality are the very worst forms of sexual deviancy and truly take a genuine psychopath to commit such acts. Grooming a relative or child who is not fully sexually mature or forcing sexual intercourse on a baby, child, or adolescent is not only physically harmful but also creates lasting psychological damage to the victim, whereas necrophilia and bestiality are self-explanatory. We must be relentless in our shaming of unrepentant sexual deviants who attempt to normalized this behavior, but we must also make allowances in our ideology for the possibility of healing people who have been sexually groomed by propaganda campaigns and pornography design to normalize sexual degeneracy. If a former sexual deviant from category 1 is genuinely repentant and comes to understand and accept their mistakes, we must attempt to help them embrace a new way of life, but always with trepidation. Though sexual deviants from category 2 must be forever shamed and we recommend the death penalty for such crimes. Furthermore, we must seek to criminalize all forms of sexually degenerate propaganda and hold pornographers accountable for the corrosive effect their poison has had on Western civilization. Campaigns must be initiated to combat this degeneracy and programs to help guide young people and pornography addicts away from this lifestyle.

#4 As Templars we must endeavor to educate and lend assistance to those with drug addictions who wish to heal and find a support network. We do not agree with the popular myth that drug addiction is an illness, that once you have it you will always have it, and it must be managed with other drugs or lifelong therapy. A disease is intrinsically something that can be cured, in this sense drug addiction is a disease similar to other forms of toxic exposure. The cure is first to remove the toxin from the body, and the withdrawal effects, which vary in length and severity, can be managed with a support network. The genuine desire to eliminate the addiction from your life is the first step in healing. We feel that the White working class in particular have been targeted by big pharma with addictive pharmaceuticals for the purpose of causing a drug epidemic, resulting in widespread dependency and death, which has enriched the owners of these unethical corporations at the expense of Western Civilization. The Opiate epidemic in particular we feel was designed explicitly to target the White working class with the foreknowledge of its resulting outcome. Within all white people is a power of will passed down from countless generations of warriors and conquerors. Many of us have lost touch with this hereditary strength of will that lies dormant inside us and live a life detached from it. The Occidental Templar wishes to rekindle this strength inside our fellows and help them to understand that they indeed have a choice, they don’t have to live life enslaved to addiction. True freedom requires struggle, yet struggle and perseverance is what make Western Civilization great! We must endeavor to establish support networks for our fellows in the grips of addiction, and likewise establish programs to protect our youth from falling victim to the drug pushers.

#5 As Templars we must educate Whites toward the necessity of strong family units and family values. The abandoning of family values due to anti-family and anti-marriage propaganda in tandem with vices like pornography and drug addiction has resulted in rampant family disfunction, normalization of birth control and abortion, and the creation of a “divorce industry.” This in turn, this has resulted in a catastrophically low White birth rate in every traditionally White country. So much so that we are being outbred and replaced by non-White invaders into our land. Low White birth-rate in tandem with massive non-White immigration has resulted in a situation where we are scheduled to be overtaken as the majority in our nations within our lifetimes. We desperately need to reverse this trend in birthrate or we risk becoming hopelessly outnumbered by people who have been indoctrinated to hate us. It doesn’t take a genius to imagine what will happen and what our children will face when they are outnumbered by hordes of low intellect non-Whites who have been indoctrinated by mass-media propaganda to harbor cultural resentments for Whites. After decades of warnings falling on deaf ears, we are now seeing the results of this radical demographic shift in the form of violent riots, no-go zones, mob violence, white lynchings, and even the creation of large armed anti-White militias. We cannot let these threats to our very existence go unanswered.

#6 As Templars we must advocate for the total end to all non-White immigration into traditionally white countries. We see it as self-evident that there exists a cultural milieu of animosity, jealousy, and hatred toward Whites in regards to other races inhabiting the Occident. This cultural hatred has its roots in animosity toward Whites and particularly White Christians in the cultures of the Semites (Jews & Arabs). Those of the Semitic peoples who have lived within the boundaries of the Occident have a deep-rooted hatred for us that can’t be unlearned. They have taken it upon themselves to teach this hatred to other non-Whites via the Semitic controlled media, and opened the floodgates of immigration into our lands via the occupational governments. They use mass non-White immigration as a weapon and intend to create an army to destroy us. We must oppose not just “illegal” immigration, for all non-White immigration into White lands is intrinsically illegal by natural law, and the traditional naturalization laws of our forefathers. Just as all other nations of the world protect their culture and homogeneity from foreign influence so must we. In the past this idea was an unspoken way of life for all humankind, to protect your land and culture from outside forces who wish to take your property and subdue your people. For ages this was also the way of life for Western nations and only relatively recently have we witnessed a push for “multiculturalism” in all traditionally White nations and only White nations starting with the “immigration reforms” in the US, forced on White Americans by hostile infiltrators via the Hart-Celler act of 1965, which overturned long standing racial quotas on immigration established by the founding fathers of the American nation. This template has been used in almost every other Western nation since resulting in the demographics shifts we see today.

#7 As Templars we must endeavor to break up and criminalize the Jewish media monopolies that have existed within Western nations for centuries. No race or group except the founding stock of a nation should have control over the mass media as this provides an unfair advantage over the true citizens of that nations in influencing their options, which also influences their actions. Opinions lead to actions or the lack of action and should only be influence by those who have kinship and share the best interests of the founding stock and their posterity. Particularly in the so-called “democratic” nations of the West where mob rule has replaced rule by the competent and the noble. In a nation of mob rule, those who can control the low intellect mob through tactics of deceit in propaganda and social engineering are the de fact rulers of the nation. The Occidental Templars seek to change these Machiavellian tactics and give the divine right to rule back to those that nature has made the most capable and intelligent. The main goal of breaking up the media monopoly of the Jews is to reestablish a means whereby we can bring factual truths to the population, which will lead Western Civilization to demand a new aristocracy to lead them into the future.

#8 As Templars we must bring attention to and oppose the infiltration of our, Finance, Government, Intelligence, and Military institutions by hostile foreign groups who harbor a cultural resentment toward Western civilization and White people. Allowing key positions of authority to be held by people belonging to a culture with well-known animosity toward Western civilization is naïve at best and idiotic at worst. The Occidental Templars must work to expose and depose the traitors and infiltrators in our decaying institutions if we hope to reverse the engineered decline of our civilization. This means identifying each and every bad actor in Western institutions (media, financial, cooperate, government, and religious) and working to expose them for their crimes in detail, as well as making this information readily available to the public. Likewise, we must work to ban the practice of allowing people with dual citizenship or foreign titles to hold public office as this is a blatant conflict of interest as well as treasonous.

#9 As Templars we must relentlessly identify and confront both blatant and subtle forms for slander and libel against Whites and pro-White groups in social and mass-media. Mass-media propaganda and social-engineering programs have wreaked havoc on our society and is the root cause of many of Western society’s ills concerning social decay, family disfunction, lack of White solidarity, and the disenfranchisement of Whites politically. Yet the common and widespread slanders against our entire race have led to a catastrophic and undeserved guilt complex amongst Whites who fall prey to such propaganda. This has led to many of our race becoming pathologically altruistic in the way they deal with openly hostile members of other races and even becoming openly hostile to even their own race! These types have been so victimized by their media induced guilt complex that they often feel the need to “virtue signal” through self-denial in an attempt to gain acceptance and “forgiveness” by these hostile groups for the sin of being White. We must be exhaustive in our efforts to hold the slanderers against our race accountable for the psychological harm they have done to those of our race who were born innocent and whose only crime it seems is being born White.

#10 As Templars one of our primary goal is to end the unfair institutional discrimination against Whites and particularly White males. This starts with confronting the practice of “affirmative action” within western nations subjected to the American model of “democracy”. The practice of affirmative action is the legally mandated discrimination against White males and favoritism of other races/sexes/sexual orientations in employment, education, and housing based solely on race, regardless of qualifications and/or need. This practice is blindly accepted by many and established on the unvalidated ideas of “White privilege” and “systemic racism”. We argue that other groups who tend to perform at a lower level economically and in education are not because of the false narratives of “privilege” and “racism” but for reason ranging from intelligence to temperament, and that the blame cannot be placed of imaginary concepts designed to slander Whites as a whole. We must endeavor to educate our brethren and society as to the ever-growing threat these false narratives place on our civilization.

#11 As Templars we must endeavor to counter-educate the White public starting with advocating for the criminalization of Semitic propaganda in text books and academic courses designed to slander Western civilization and thereby influencing the decisions and actions within the youth that go counter to the White public interest, but rather further the interest of hostile “minority” group. We must also endeavor to counter-educate the White youth who are subjected to propaganda campaigns, by giving them widespread access to educational material that promotes their best interest as a racial group by providing true and factual information about history, politics, economics, etc. Hence, we must endeavor to establish our own intentional communities, universities, publishing houses, media companies, and tech companies dedicated to supplying our people with a proper education and direction toward goals which benefit Whites as a whole.

#12 As Templars we must identify and confront “educators” and authority figures who abuse their position as a platform to indoctrinate White youth and groom them to become hostile to their own interests as a racial group, and/or to normalize deviant sexual behavior. Likewise, we must confront any public figures who uses their position to incite hatred from “minority” groups against Whites, the traditional values of Western civilization, and our cherished institutions. Positions of authority in Western society should only be given to people who can demonstrate a genuine desire to further the best interests of the founding stock. Anyone who demonstrates a hostility to the founding stock should be removed from authority or influence by any means necessary without the end result being damaging to our movement as a whole.

#13 As Templars we must strive to take control of public spaces and work tirelessly to criminalize the use of physical and electronic public spaces to promote ideas and schemes, that go counter to, or are design for the purpose of disenfranchising Whites in our own countries. We must not tolerate individuals or groups hostile to the traditional value of Western Civilization to have a public platform or the ability to demonstrate without opposition. Online opposition campaigns as well as counter-demonstrations must be organized that convey our interests as a people, and show others of our race that there indeed exists an organized effort to advocate for them, which in turn will embolden some to join such efforts. Yet these efforts must only be organized if in doing so a positive outcome is achieved, hence careful planning and operational security must be performed to ensure that any opposition effort does not result in negative optics.

#14 As Templars we must protect ourselves from organizations whose purpose it is to identify, track, slander, harass, threaten, and litigate pro-White groups and to advise occupational governments on anti-White policies regarding these groups and Whites as a whole. Organizations such as the “Southern Poverty Law Center” (SPLC), who seems to attempt to pigeonhole all pro-White groups into the slanderous “hate-group” category, and the ironic “Anti-Defamation League” (ADL), whose sole purpose it seems is the defamation of pro-White organizations as “domestic terrorist” and “violent extremists” without any real shred of evidence linking said groups with violent extremism. These groups subsist on smear campaigns, the court of public opinion, circumstantial evidence, and trumped up charges, working in conjunction with corrupt officials inside the government, the justice department, and the intelligence community to indict pro-White groups, often bringing trumped up charges on or knowingly filing frivolous lawsuits against them with the explicit desire to bankrupt these groups by keeping them in the expensive process of litigation. They utilize “lawfare” against pro-White groups to litigate them into oblivion knowing that most pro-White groups are genuinely grassroots and do not have the financial backing and nearly limitless resources that these Jewish funded groups have. Hence, we must always be diligent to keep legal representation and funding to protect us from these tactics.

#15 As Templars we must educate our members and the public as to the true nature of intelligence agencies such as the FBI, CIA, Mossad, MI6, etc. who have become nothing more than an international clique of political secret police. These organizations no longer serve and protect the interests of the natural born ethnic citizens of Western nations, but have in fact been weaponized against them by being engineered to serve the interests of wealthy international elitists. The bad actors who have over many decades come to infiltrated top positions within the intelligence community, now direct their organizations to unfairly target true patriots who work to expose the insidious agenda of the occupational governments in the West. The most dangerous thing to their agenda is an informed public, hence those of us who have come to realize the genuine truths regarding the occupation of our institutions are targets. The more active a person or organization is in spreading the truth, the bigger the target becomes.

#16 As Templars we must advocate for the creation of an internationally accepted legal definition for the ethnological term “White”, as being any person of 90% or more Caucasian ancestry, that is not of any Semitic, Hispanic, Hindu, Asiatic, or African Caucasoid admixture, and who does not display obvious dominant physiognomy of non-White ancestry. We feel that the term “White” has a commonly accepted definition that is unspoken, but that this term not having a legally accepted definition is commonly bent, and even broken by demographers and statisticians. Often unscrupulous statisticians in the West will bolster White birthrate numbers as higher than they actually are by adding mestizos to the White category. Likewise, they will add mestizos to crime statistics to make it seems as if Whites are committing more violent crimes than they are actually committing. Furthermore, the inclusion of Jews in the “White” category is a tool the Jews will often use to their benefit as a way of attempting to convince their “fellow Whites” to negate their own self-interests in favor of Jewish interests, yet Jews are quick to deny their supposed “Whiteness” when it comes being targeted by anti-White mobs. We seek only a fair and accurate accounting of our numbers as an ethnicity.

#17 As Templars we must endeavor to reason with our opposition as to the logic behind the idea of separatism and balkanization within White diaspora nations, where Whites colonized and founded new countries. We see this as the only true path to a peaceful outcome. The multicultural experiment has failed, and accelerating conflict is the only possible scenario when fundamentally different groups with radically opposing cultural values are forced to coexist in the same space. We seek to establish alliances with non-White groups who share our vision of a nationalism and separatism as a peaceful solution to violent conflicts and war over territory and influence. Groups who wish to protect their own unique culture and heritage from the nullifying effect of cultural-Marxism must ban together against the parasitic international elites and their globalist new world order agenda that has reduced all humankind to nothing more than slave labor, and their lands to nothing more than resources to exploit.

#18 As Templars we demand the repatriation of the foreign invaders in Europe and Russia, who have migrated into our traditional fatherlands under the guise of “refugee programs” and “immigration reform”. These invaders have knowingly taken advantage of our political instability caused by the occupiers and traitors within our governments who have intentionally rigged our immigration laws with the purpose of flooding our countries with hostile foreigners. Thus, they are just as guilty as the traitors within our own governments for participation in this “Great Replacement” scheme. We will recommend an allotted period in which these invaders will be allowed to migrate back to their own homelands unmolested, and recommend programs to facilitate the repatriation of these “migrants”, such as, but not limited to: financial programs, free transportation, and negotiations with the governments of their home nations. After the allotted time limit, all invaders should be considered hostile and subjected to arrest and further penalties.

#19 As Templars we must advocate for the creation of White ethno-states within the Occident holding to strict racial quotas. In White diaspora nations peaceful balkanization is the preferred route, with an allocation of land for those of mixed ancestry, and those who wish to continue their multi-cultural lifestyle. Whereas in our traditional Fatherlands, repatriation of foreigners is demanded, and the deportation of mixed-race individuals, as well as White multiculturalists to one of the multicultural “buffer-zones” between White and non-White ethno-states. These multicultural buffer zones will exist not only to help isolate the ethno-states from each other, but also to provide an environment of free trade between ethno-states. Multicultural buffer zones will have a permanent population proportionate to their original population size and will be required by law to maintain a birthrate no higher than the replacement birthrate when compared to mortality and immigration rate.

#20 As Templars we must advocate for the creation of an “Occidental Union” of White ethno-states within the Occident. This Union with be both an economic and military union to protect our collective interests and lands as members of the White race. Such a union will facilitate fare trade amongst member states while protecting our economies via treaties designed to give us an advantage in trade over nonmembers. Likewise, the military treaties will be designed to foster cooperation amongst the military allies within the Occident while preventing the reoccurrence of “brother wars” such as the catastrophic World Wars of the 20th Century. Never again must we allow ourselves to be duped into fighting amongst ourselves to serve the interests on hostile foreign elites. We are the most creative of all races, and it is an undeniable fact that nearly all scientific advancements were created or discovered by our people. An economic and military union amongst White nations will foster the kind of future that has only been dreamt about in utopian science fiction novels.

#21 As Templars we must support all forms of Nationalism that are not a threat to any other form of Nationalism. We champion the fundamental human right of freedom of association, which gives all cultures and races the right to be amongst their own kind and to have a homeland. Yet some Nationalist groups have resorted to interference in the affairs of other nations as a way of achieving their own interests such as what Zionists do i.e. Jewish Nationalists. We must condemn any nationalist group who wage war with or attempt to infiltrate other nations and/or profit at the expense of another nation’s solidarity, while allying with other nationalist groups who share our vision of peaceful balkanization. Our motto is, “a place for every race”, and we think that this nationalistic model can be applied within every nation, ethnicity, or culture to avoid the dramatic cost of war over land and resources if people maintain reasonable birthrates.

#22 As Templars we must advocate for the revision of false historical paradigms designed to slander the losing side of a conflict or to mislead the public toward holding false opinions or a false world view in support of an agenda. The adage, “the victors write the history books” is something we wish to change. Not just White people, but all humankind, need access to accurate history that covers the perspective of all sides of any historical conflict, as well as knowledge of any historical coverups. People must be allowed to form opinions based on all available information and nothing should be censored, even attempts by unscrupulous people to make up fake historical paradigms designed to justify criminal acts, or to win public support of a criminal agenda. These fake paradigms must be taught for what they are and compared to the actual historical truths. All historical paradigms must be able to stand up to litmus test of unbiased investigation before they are accepted by the public as fact. Then once the public has access to all the information, they can then use critical thinking to come to an unbiased opinion. Unbiased opinions are not possible in an environment of censorship.

#23 As Templars we must advocate for the development of independent national infrastructure and educate the general public as to the schemes of international corporations in outsourcing their production facilities. The reasons that these companies outsource from one country to another country is a way of making that nation dependent on another nation for essential good allowing them to have an unfair advantage in trade. This practice also eliminating employment opportunities for citizens of countries being victimized by outsourcing. No government that has not been infiltrated and compromised would agree to being dependent on another nation for necessary goods or commodities while neglecting the development of means of producing those necessities at home. Hence, we must advocate for the nationalization of essential industries and compel our representatives to refuse unfair trade with any company or nations that has participated in outsourcing.

#24 As Templars we must reject and abolish the practice of usury as well as other predatory lending practices which enslave the debtor to perpetual debt. Often the most vulnerable in our society are taken advantage of by a silver tongue. Simple folks, not educated as to the ways of this corrupted world such as lower intellects, the elderly or infirmed, and those on fixed incomes are manipulated into accepting loans that the lender knows can’t be paid back in full, but only in part, hence enslaving the debtor into regular and perpetual interest payments. Likewise, we must abolish the practice of bankers being allowed to lend out their own client’s money, thereby allowing them the opportunity to make money from nothing in the form of interest. We must advocate to hold the individuals, dynasties, and institutions responsible for these acts and indict those who engage in such practices. Furthermore, we must educate the public about this practice and work toward establishing a means of provide low interest loans to desperate, yet hard working people in lieu of predatory bankers. Banking should be an industry that is controlled by the state en toto, and not by private individuals or companies who want to take advantage of the ignorant masses through high interest rates.

# 25 As Templars we must work toward establishing business, professional, and financial networks within our order for mutual benefit and the economic upliftment of our members. We must combat the unfair favoritism being practiced against Whites in Western society in finance, employment, and enrollment by practicing nepotism within our brotherhood. The Occidental Templars also recommend that our brothers focus on forging their own independent business rather than accepting employment outside of the order, so that we not only enrich ourselves but have the ability to provide employment and business opportunities to our members. This philosophy and practice have served to make many organizations very powerful in the past and it will serve us as well. The stronger a brother becomes the stronger our order becomes; thus, we must work tirelessly to seize all possible economic advantages for out brotherhood.

#26 As Templars we must advocate for the abolition of unfair taxes imposed on citizens such as property taxes designed to levy property from a delinquent property owner, as well as excise, effective, and kosher taxes that levy money from a citizen without their knowledge, and worst of all the practice of taxing a person’s income their whole life, just to tax them again when they die with inheritance/estate tax or death duty. We strongly believe that once property and wealth are earned through works that it should not be taken away through unethical tax schemes and one’s legacy should be passed on en toto to their heirs, without the government getting a cut. It is the role of government to protect the citizen and their assets, it is not the role of a citizen and their assets to protect the government.

#27 As Templars we must advocate to end common tax loopholes taken advantage of by the ultra-wealthy international elites, such as the use of shell corporations, off shore bank accounts, deadbeat deductions, etc. The wealthy and the ultra-wealthy should pay their fair share to legitimate sovereignties so that the collective wealth of a nation is able to be put to use to benefit and enrich the nation as a whole ensuring a proper standard of living for even the lowest classes. Likewise, ultra-wealthy citizens should not have so much power that they are able to buy politicians and rig laws in their favor. Corporate lobbying is bribery, any ultra-wealthy individual that engages in tax avoidance or bribery should not only be arrested, they should have all of their private assets seized and their companies nationalized for the betterment of the nation as a whole. As Occidental Templars we will work toward this policy being accepted by the masses and recommend they compel the national governments to adopt this policy.

#28 As Templars we must advocate for tax reform and reform in government spending whenever it appears it is needed. The purpose of taxes is not for the enrichment of government officials and their private associates or family members who get blessed with government contracts. Tax revenue must be utilized toward programs that are designed to help uplift the nation’s infrastructure and maintain a nation’s military at optimal levels, thus providing protection and a greater opportunity for the nation’s posterity to prosper. A nations taxes should also in-part, cover the essentials of life for its citizens that cannot be provided by their own efforts. Programs such as healthcare, housing, education, employment, and social security should be funded in-part, by a nation’s taxes. Proper healthcare should be the right of every tax paying citizen and no tax paying citizen should be denied healthcare or given subpar health care based on their economic status. Likewise, all working citizens should never be homeless and housing programs should be established, which provide housing for the economically disadvantaged, and young adults who are just entering the workforce, or starting a family. If the nations corporations do not have enough jobs to employ the entire nation then it is the responsibility of the state to provide those jobs in the field of public works, and furthermore if the public is not equipped to perform these job, then it is the responsibility of the state to provide proper education to their citizens. This is the role that taxes should play in a functioning government, at their face these principals are self-evident, yet corrupt bureaucrats in corrupt crony-capitalist nations have convinced many of their citizens to stand in solidarity with them against these principals to their own detriment.

#29 As Templars we must advocate for the abolition of private banks and a debt based economy, to a state controlled banking and monetary system, whereby the value of money is non-inflationary and backed by the intrinsic value of the citizen’s labor and not some commodity horded by wealthy elitists, or subject to manipulation by private banks. In the past, money was really anything with value that was easily stored, and liquid enough whereby it could be traded for any other commodity, property, or labor. Eventually Western civilization settled on gold as the premiere commodity of with money was based as a means of exchange, yet those who managed to horde gold or owned gold mines could regulate the value of it through inflation/deflation and speculation. A currency issued and regulated by the state that is not bound to any particular commodity other than a citizen’s labor is free from the trappings of inflation and deflations and its value only goes up the more productive the citizens are as a nation. All nations should be free to control their own money supply that is issued and regulated by the state, and not private banks.

#30 As Templars we must advocate for the abolition of wealth generated through market speculation. The practice of market speculation is a form of gambling on the value of stocks and commodities, but it’s a rigged game and has been for a very long time in Western kleptocracies. Ultra-wealthy elites engage in “pump and dump” schemes whereby they used their vast wealth and media influence to cause speculation in the value of a particular market. The insiders who participate in these schemes cause average people to invest in markets that they are led to believe are in a “bull market” or going up in value. This creates a chain reaction of investors coming into a market, which in turn makes the value of that market rise attracting more investors. As more people invest it creates more interest in a market. The more experienced investors try to get in early in a market and may invest a large portion of their savings into these markets believing that they are on a stable rise, whereas less experienced investors fall victim to media hype after the market has already been in the rise for a period of time. The trick is to sell you market shares before a “sell off” so that the value of your shares is more than what you bought them for. When the value of a market has reached a certain agreed upon high, the ultra-wealthy elitists who began the speculation by investing large sums of their own money begin the sell off by dumping all of their shares. In so doing they redistribute the money invested into the market and the less experienced investors are often left with little to nothing of the value at which they bought into the market. This is an unethical mass manipulation scheme orchestrated to entice the little man into losing their hard-earned saving and the perpetrators of this practice are rarely held accountable.

#31 As Templars we must advocate to totally put an end to all forms of corporate and foreign lobbying recommending that it be criminalized as a high crime punishable by death both for the one offering the bribe and the one who accepts the bribe. Governments cease to protect the interests of their citizens when they allow a system of lobbying to influence the laws of the state. Campaign “donations” in exchange for political favors by politicians is a disgusting form of bribery that has unfortunately been normalized within the decaying institutions of the West. A politician abuses their office when they accept a corporate bribe to ease government regulations designed to protect the citizens or approve certain government contracts that these companies would not get otherwise. But lobbying can also be a form of treason when foreign lobbies work to manipulate a country’s foreign policy. Although foreign lobbying is illegal in many nations, foreign lobbies still exist and funnel money via back channels or through private dual-citizen donors paid by these lobbies to facilitate the bribes on their behalf. All instances of foreign lobbying should be vigorously investigated by a non-partisan oversight comity and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which in this case should be death. An ever-present reminder to never abuse the power of one’s office for personal enrichment or the enrichment of one’s private associates.

#32 As Templars we must be champions of nationalism and populist causes against the Elites who unfairly control world affairs through monstrous globalist kleptocracies such as the IMF which exists to offer predatory loans to struggling nations as a means to gain justification to seize infrastructure and resources after this country has defaulted on the loans. Other globalist organization such as the UN and the EU seek to force member states to abide by certain rules that might go counter to the will of the citizens of that nation. These unelected globalist bureaucracies are often controlled by the larger member states who enforce their economic will and socio-political ideals on the rest of the members, while getting unfair leniency on violating the rules they expect the other member states to abide by. The occidental templars oppose all form of globalism, for globalism intrinsically reduces all cultures to false equivalencies ignoring the reality of relativism. True unity and solidarity amongst nations cannot be achieved based on mundane interests like economics and trade and the interests of international corporations. True solidarity can only be achieved in the amount of cultural and genetic similarity nations have. Ethnic states and racial super-states are the only way of creating a union for mutual benefit that will last without conflict. Hence it is the ultimate goal of the Occidental Templars to advocate for the abolition of globalism and replace it with cultural, ethnic, and racial super-states that are free to pursue their evolutionary destiny without foreign interference as nature intended.

#33 As Templars it is our ultimate goal to identify the Aryan Sangreal aristocratic and royal bloodline that have been uncorrupted by intermarriage with Jews, excessive inbreeding, or allegiances to the synagogue of Satan. Once identified we hope to find powerful members of these families sympathetic to our goal of freeing them from servitude to their Jewish overlords. Yet we also wish to identify members of these bloodlines who may be unaware of their heritage. Once identified we wish to restore the ancient monarchies of Europe under our tutelage and to abolish all Jewish influence and power over the ancient Aryan aristocracies who for millennia ruled effectively over their subjects. We wish to abolish secularism in governance, while also avoiding the trappings of the dogmatic theocracy practiced by the corrupted church of Rome.