On Religion

The subject of religion is a complex subject within the dissident White community, and has historically been a point of unnecessary division that has worked to undermine our very survival as a race. Within the ranks of the Occidental Templars this cause for division is something that we have taken steps to eliminate entirely by accepting a monolithic religious third position, Aryanity. White survival is our main concern, hence White unity is our imperative, we are those who have had the courage to abandon our failed and obsolete religious institutions for a higher ideal, putting race first as the foundation of our religious beliefs and practice. We are not a secular nor atheist organization, on the contrary we are deeply religious, fanatically zealous, and theocratic.

We have realized through profound study and contemplation that racially aware white Aryans need a new religion for ALL Whites and ONLY for Whites. All other historic examples of Aryan religion, whether Pagan or Christian have been infiltrated, corrupted, and subverted in one way or another and do not serve our best interests as a race and have thus become obsolete. Likewise, our historical religious institutions were formed during bygone ages where White Aryans had not yet relearned our place in the world as uniquely adapted and separate from other hominid “races” and also as one Aryan race rather than a collection of separate ethnicities. The colonial period taught us that the lower Hominid forms are not capable nor worthy of coexisting within our civilization; proselytizing to them only undermines our own glorious history and destiny.

Aryanity views Aryan religion and mythos through a perennial lens, identifying the common archetypal metaphysics inherent ONLY in Aryan religion. Hence we refer to ourselves as “practicing Aryans”, as we see no difference between our race and our religion. Aryanity has identified and catalogued the key principals and aesthetics shared by ALL Aryan religion and has discarded the obsolete nuance that only serves to divide us as a race, therefor distilling Aryan religion into its pure form, what Aryanity calls the “Prisca Theologia” or Ancient Theology. This Ancient Theology is the quarry where our ancestors obtained the stone for our various religious institutions. We have taken this stone from our crumbling and ruined institutions and erected the first and only monolithic religion to serve as inspiration for a great Pan-Aryan Imperium. In this new celestial age we do not seek to resurrect some long dead tribal religion, nor reform a dying one whose time has come. We welcome the germination of a new sapling that is destined to one day be a mighty tree of life, rooted in the same ancient soil that sustained our people since time immemorial.

OMTO allows membership to all non-Jewish White Aryan man from any of the Aryan religious backgrounds listed below, who wish to learn about Aryanity and fight for their people’s survival as a race. The only requirements for beginning training is first: that the prospect believes in a higher power, second: that they are willing to swear an oath in the site of this higher power, third: that they exhibit a sincere desire to better themselves for their people’s sake, and forth: that they adhere to the traditional moral structure of Western Civilization, a moral structure recognized historically amongst Pagan and Christian alike with minor variations. Virtues such as Honor, Temperance, Humility, Respect, Duty, Wisdom, Fortitude, and Honesty are what we expect of all members regardless of past religious affiliation, and we will not tolerate any religious infighting amongst members or by our members against other racially aware Whites who have not yet embraced Aryanity.

Although we as Occidental Templars promote the new Doctrine of Aryanity, we do limit membership to White men who practiced or studied Aryan religions only. Within this category is a wide array of generally accepted religio-philosophical beliefs systems from mainstream forms of Christianity such as Protestantism or Catholicism, to less commonly understood forms of Christianity like Christian Identity, Orthodox, and Gnosticism. Outside of the Christian paradigm exists various forms of European Paganism though we do not have such a limited understanding to think that White Aryan history is confined to the European continent, thus we accept students of the Vedic traditions as well. Furthermore, the western mystery traditions such as Hermeticism and Alchemy, as well as more modern esoteric systems such as Theosophy and Ariosophy have an important role in the modern rebirth of White Aryan identity. Where we draw a sharp line is in people who are obsessed with the various forms of Satanism, Witchcraft, Cabalism, or any other form of Judaism as we feel these ideologies are foreign and run counter to our culture and goals, yet we encourage all of our members to educate themselves on comparative religion as well as speculative and demonstrative philosophies so as to better understand the world we live in, as well as to develop an understanding into the mentality of our enemies.

Here within the ranks of the Occidental Templars we feel that one’s relationship with the Divine is uniquely their own, yet we submit to the authority of the Aryan Church, and although our movement is decentralized we are united in fellowship as brethren of Aryanity. We realize that politics and religion are part and parcel, hence we serve as the unofficial political arm of the Church while leaving the Church to focus on the salvation of each individual Aryan soul lost or forgotten in a world increasingly hostile to Whites. We support and encourage our member’s to seek out, study, and explore the traditional religious and spiritual systems of our people while also affirming their identity as practicing Aryans. We feel that one thing that sets us as White Aryans apart from the rest of humankind is our history of “divinity based” religious systems (monotheism, polytheism, pantheism, panentheism, etc.), as opposed to the primitive animistic religions. The belief in a supreme being reinforces our personal adherence to the strict moral codes codified within these traditional systems. We believe that Western Civilization’s success historically was dependent on our individual accountability to deity in adhering to a culturally consistent code of conduct that has been expressed in the many religions of our people throughout our history.